A HALL????

Okay... I just finished blogging about the balloons and tags for the funeral... all 104 of them. As I was going to close the computer down... my husband starting playing the piano and started singing about the hall. My aunt has arranged the after funeral dinner to be in hall. A hall... not a house. My great grandmother is probably coughing under her breath (this is how she cussed). A hall... cold, empty, impersonal. It's even in another city! sigh. okay... must spend time with bunny.

The Last 24 hours

I dropped off some "balloon" tags off at my grandma's for the balloon release... Funeral. I did some work because I was not going to be in my office all day and I need to leave plans out for my crew. I made a list of things I need to do for Monday so I could fall asleep. I find that if I brain dump on paper I sleep better. I got up went to work and got all my "supplies". I went over to another site that is not producing quality work and did an intervention. 1000% better. I was worn out. Then I raced across town for an "emergency meeting" and picked up dinner on the way home. I then had pudding and bananas for desert and screen sucked for about an hour and half. While on the net screen sucking there was a car accident four houses down... Pretty major. It only took the cops 15 minutes to get there and 20 for the ambulance. What the hell. I read all my celeb gossip blogs, my comics and two newspapers online. I need to let my bunny out and feed the dogs. Then we star tall over again. I can not wait until the 17. Party at the Crosses.