104 and four years old.
Survivied by 2 daughters and 6 sons...
33 grandchildren (my dad)
87 great granchildren (my brothers, cousins and I)
65 great - great grandchildren

Blind Items

Blind items are questions that are asked, but never answered... unless you know the answer, then you answer it on your own to yourself.

Which two family members were photographed together... oh how taboo.

Which family member has to have two separate celebrations coming up. I still need to find out why.

Which family member has a deadline of Monday.

Which family member needs a big nap after all this.

2 days ago

It's been two days since the funeral.

The mass was great. It was a traditional Catholic mass and the family filled up the center pews of the church. That's a lot of family. My father, three (1st) cousins, my second cousin ( I grew up partying with) and a second cousin my father's age were the pallbearers. A white butterfly danced around the flowers on the casket as they took it into the church. I whish I had a picture of that.

We then went to the cemetery and that is were we had the balloon release. Another 2nd cousin sang a song during the release and another before they lowered her into the ground.

As they lowered her into the ground, I as well as my other (1st) cousins noticed that we were the only ones still in a half circle around the plot. We watched her get lowered in. My grandma and my dad and tia's. Were was everyone else? Besides talking and laughing in the background. This was our (great) grandma. We saw her at least once a month... for as long as many of us remember.

The reception at the hall was nice... it was a good choice. I know I was not fond of it earlier.... however it turned out great. My "clan" put the tables together so we could be with one another and had a nice time. I could not believe the number of family members on this side of the family.

I wanted a picture of the(our immediate) family before one of my cousins went to work. This turned into a family picture fest....16 of us quickly turned into 50 of us. It was great.... my grandma was finally smiling.

Went to my grandmothers after we went home an changed. Showed her the pictures from the day on the laptop, burned pictures for family members right there and fixed up the flower arrangements.

Of course with a gathering like this dirt does come out... but for now, I will leave that dirt on the floor... were it belongs.