Right now everything is wonderful. I love my job...not the CEO's, I love my husband and I love my life right now. At this moment... as I type these words, I am HAPPY. I am truly happy with my life. The conference in Reno and the weeks prior I have really been..... well growing up. I'm almost 30, we have no children and I finally hit a point in my life that I can say.... Yes, I am an adult. My husband and I take care of ourselves. We have been for years... but I feel different now. I don't know what it is. I just hit a point now were I love me, him and everything around us. Family, friends and lifestyle. We live in a small house that we rent from my parents, but it's our house. We have made a home out of it. When we first moved in it was like playing house. That was almost nine years ago. Bottom line. I'm happy... Is this what it feels like? I like it.

Picture from my back yard, almond tree and moon

Random Shots Today

Our Kitties.... all four

Almond blossom from our yard

A single daffodil from our back yard..... it's getting dark out, hence the background

In our front yard... um....not sure.