We are going outside today to garden. It's a beautiful day. Cold, cloudy and breezy, but beautiful. I love to be out side with the plants. My husband could spend a whole day out there working on our plants. My husband once blogged that gardening is very therapeutic for me, which it is. The other night he also said that we needed more "together" time. During the warmer days, this is never a problem. Our goal, to do a little more together, gardening is going to be our vehicle for this goal.

Last Night

Last night at the party I realized that it's St. Patties day and Lucy was no where to be found. Usually she whipped up a traditional Irish Meal and her family would get together. I thought about that last night. She was more then likely out with her new boyfriend.

Happy St. Patricks Day Lucy.

Last night Luap called and he was already drunk. He and his wife called from the bar they were at. It was only 6:30 pm. We ate at Mot and Coles house. They had a nice little set up. Each couple brought drinks and food. We took over Pom martini ingredients, stuff to make chocolate covered strawberries and Chocolate Mint and Chip martinis. The Crosses brought stuff to make green beer, green Jello shots and cookies. Yummy. They all got tipsy, I on the other hand am amazed at the amount I can drink with out getting buzzed. The Crosses were there too. It was a lot of fun. It's interesting to see how other couples act in their own environment.