April 4th

Went shopping... can you tell... I'm on vacation this week.

Red tulip in our front yard

April 3rd

My husband and I went to Disneyland. The company paid. We hung out with a few co-workers. Karissa and Laup were two of the six. Laup brought his wife. It was so much fun. Laup's wife knows so much about Disneyland. We ate way to much. Here are some pictures.

April 2nd

I went to a baby shower for Rose. It was in a local eatery. There was an accident at the family home and the insurance is taking care of it. Rose's mother looked so tiered due to all the trouble the house and insurance is causing her. My mother was not happy with the event. She was somewhat saddened by the whole event. Rose deserved a whole lot more. I told my mom, that they are happy with the event. These are their standards, not ours. We must respect, or at least accept that others are ok with what they have. Of course my Baby Shower will be off the hook, per se, and this is definitely not the golden standard.

My mother and I went in on a photo album. I scrapped a 12 month baby album. All she has to do is put in the 5x7 picture. The rest is done.

April 1st

Went to a posh restaurant with some friends. It was fun, however the group is not as stable as it once was. There is a couple, well not even a couple, there is a member that is bringing a lot of imbalance to the group. I'm loyal to those who are loyal to me. All the members I adore, however this one member is first to pull another down. I do not participate because they are my friends and I refuse to change my standards for mere conversation. It's getting a little hard. Others in the group are fishing for what what my husband and I think about this member. We choose not to indulge in such conversation and manipulate the conversation in order to move it on to another topic. Overall the night was great and I had a wonderful time.