Party at the Crosses. It's Nenifs husbands birthday. It's going to be a surprise party. He is turning 30. ... Then my husband will turn 30.... then Karis will turn 30 .... then I'll turn 30!

What a year.

Well the theme is "Arrogant Bastard" . It's a beer he likes to drink. He likes it so much he gave it up for Lent.

I made a poster of the the "Bastard" and put tea lights (battery) through the eyes so they can flicker in the dark. Updates on Sunday.

Time Flies

Ok, so I have not posted in a while... I've been busy and I have been stting up a new blog. One dedicated to my plants and Puppy.

Well here is the weekday wrap up....

Monday ... oh hell... it was a Monday
Tuesday.... No one showed for the 7:30 meeting.
Wednsday... Short day, However from 1:30 till close I was in meetings. Soooo maybe it was a long day.
Thursday... *Sigh*.
Friday... Meetings alllllll Day.

I did however fight for my program, I did secure a postion to expand the program. I did play hard ball, without out coming off like a self centered, I'm the shit, full of it little B*thc.

I was professional, stated and restated the facts over and over.... I had wonderful back up. Two wonderful memebers of the my team attended the meeting as well. They all kicked ass!!! They were awsome! Without them I would have nothing.

I hope the requesition forms go through and we get the staff we need. I'll cross my fingers and pray.