What to do? Therapy for ALL!!!

I'm stressed out.

Today we voted for a new line. The one that came out on top ended up not getting picked. The vote was 2 to 4. My second of three choices was picked first. I was not upset, but not satisfied.

I have another meeting coming up. I plan on another 11:00 pm presentation. *Sigh*

I have to present my plan once more. I'm ready to quit. My project is not going the way I would like it. The other "partner" which never showed up for the vote, is still on the project. I don't want him as a part of it. He is not professional and I can't work with him. There is no communication.

If I quit, then I'm letting my customers down. If I stay, I will not be working under conditions that would make me happy. However I can make his life hell the next budget year.

On top of everything.... I'm dealing with a lot with my friend. I don't know how to deal with her. It's her daughters birthday. She did not bring her daughter her gift, because they got in a fight on the phone. Her daughter is 11. I don't know. ARGGGGGGG!!!!!! Shit, someone needs help. I love that little girl and I will do anything to protect her. Her daughter came over to get her gift. We got her a cute outfit. Three pieces so she can interchange them.