I have been pitching a new .... Outlook for my division. I had my team behind me.... 100%. The problem was the CEO and the Board. Finally today, the Chair of the Board and the held there monthly meeting....Actually the Chair came for a visit. At this meeting...Where 7 divisions are represented, the Chair announced his full and total support for DIVA. I have DIVA..... Full and total control!!!! OMG!!!! It finally hit me .... Why is it when I blog "it" always hits me? It's mine. No more of this farming units out.... No more covering and checking other divisions. We are it. We did it. 5 months of hard work, going before the CEO, before the Board. Lobbying our butts off. *SIGH* We did it. We did it. .....I would like to thank.....Ennfier Cross, Karissa, laup, Joey, Puff, Cinnimon, Ms. Mal ... for all their damn support.

Especially my biggest supporter..... baby.... I love you. Thank you for dinner tonight. You have encouraged me, stood by me and never gave up in me. I know it was a long road to this. I know I have been over booked. Now.... Now I have a focus. DIVA is it.

Game on!