Last Weekend - Parent's 30th

Dad's Invitation Art

It was a little Grey out

Roses from my garden

My Parent's table

where am I?

New Shoes

Sun Screen and Rum or Tequila.... Party Favors (thank you gifts)
I might toss in some mints or chocolate too.

What day is it?

Wow. Time is flying right now. I can't believe how fast the days are going. I so amazed that the week is over and a new one is starting.

My husband is turning 30 this week. I'm going to have a small birthday party for him. Just a few friends and my family. Even though it's small, I'm making some "Thank you" gifts. I needed a break though... so I'm blogging. The Theme is CUBA. Music, decor, music, clothing. He's working on the play list for the Ipod while I get the gifts ready. We bought everything today. I made a full list and we went to task. I made it in just a tad over budget. Not Bad! Here are some images and music lyrics that are the inspiration to the whole event.


Yo soy un hombre sincero
de donde crece la palma
y antes de morrir me quiero
echar mis versos del alma

Por los pobres de la tierra
quiero yo mis versos echar

porque el arroio de la sierra
me complace mucho más que el mar

Mi verso es de un verde claro
y de un carmin encendido
mi verso es un cervo herido
que busca en el monte amparo