Fourth of July

4th of July
My husband and I went over to my parents to participate in their block party. The food was good. My little curly haired girl did not call back. So I did not think she was coming. My dad was in charge of the music and it blasted down the block. The cul-de- sac kept the music steady and clear. After we ate we watched the games and then decide to clean up and break down the table decorations. We left before the fireworks. We came home to sit with the dogs. My husband made coffee and we sat out under the stars and watched all the illegal fireworks fly into the air. We kept a close eye on our neighbors... bottle rocket addicts.
Low and behold, my curly hair girl came... with her dad and her 1/2 brother and dad's honey. Awkward, but I will do it to see my girl. You see this is Lucy's daughter, ex-husband and husband girl with new baby. I did it though. They went to my parents and watched the fireworks, thinking we were there. Then they dropped by our house. We showed them our new truck and they gave me a gift. A pink shawl. Interesting ... over all.