okay... I'm sitting at the kitchen table. Waiting for the Animal Control to get here. I have a huge ass snake locked in my bathroom. I heard something fall in the living room, turned off the water(dishes) and walked to inspect. The cats had knocked over a picture frame. Before I could yell at them a huge ass snake slid across the floor. The cats were attacking it, I'm screaming and it's heading for the bathroom. Ok. Last place I want it. I have not had a chance to clean the bathroom. So I shut the bathroom door, pull clothes from the hamper and stuff them under all the doors (don't want a snake in my bedroom) and call Animal Control. So that was a 1:30ish and it is now 2:17. What a way to take a vacation day. The worst part is that I have to go Pee really bad. *Sigh*

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