The Call

My boss wants me to attend a huge financial meeting with him on Thursday. There are new accounts up for grabs and we want our piece of the pie. Karissa is going too. This is great news. Projects that have been on the back burner may be ready to go. We just have to make sure the money is allotted and used correctly. Now there is were the task lies.

Just some thoughts

We went out to eat last night with M & M. We have so much fun with them. We did not make it home till 12:00am. They took us to their favorite restaurant. The food was great. I was so full. They are fun to hang with because we have a good time with or with out cocktails. They have a lot in common with us. The most important value they have in common with us is the love and respect they have for one another and their marriage. It was getting a little uneasy hanging with our other group of friends. The alcohol brought out the "wild" side in them and they tended to cross marital lines.... no thank you! I can understand off the cuff comments, however actions are to much. Not my idea of a classy time.