The Jog

Ok, today is "Date Day". My husband and I are off (sort of... meeting on Thur$day) for the rest of the week. We woke up and decided to go jogging. I got the rottie harnessed up and we were off. It was so much fun. The rottie did pretty good. She was frighted by a pedestrians cell phone ring tone (rap music) and a small Chiuahua that came running after us. We are going to go out for brunch and then to our favorite bookstore and coffee shop. After all of that we are going shopping. Later this month we are going to Pheonix or vegas and then to Mexico on a mini vacation at the end of the month. This is the "travel" month. We are going to relax, have fun, and drive. Brunch is a good 30 min freeway drive away.... but the food is great!

errrrr... blogger pictures is not working....errrr