Our friend is back

We need to call M&M. She left for Japan on a work/school related trip. She has been gone since the 22nd of Aug. She flew in this morning. We made her a "have a safe trip" cake a day before she left. We had dinner with the artist (her husband) twice and he came over to visit my husband and whish us a safe trip. It's the longest they have been apart. I can't wait to see her.

Fruits and Flowers

These came to my office on the 31st of Aug. It's been four years... sigh... four wonderful years.

The tag said that they would bloom in 24 hours. The 3rd picture is of them on Thursday. I did not see them on Friday because my husband picked me up from work and we headed stright to the boarder for our weekend get a way. The top two pictures are from today. They bloomed while we were gone.

just got back

we took a weekend getway.

I have been overloaded at work and for our anniversary, my husband arranged for a weekend get a way in a posh hotel in Mexico. Loved it. I totally forgot about work.

Love you baby!!!

our cake

My mom made us an anniversary cake on Thursday.... YUMMMY!!!!