Dia de los Muertos

Just a few websites for those in the dark about Dia de los Muertos
Up in coming Dia de los Muertos events locally
SBVC - Oct. 27- SBVC Art Gallery
Palm Springs- Oct. 28 - Museum of Art and History
San Bernardino- Nov. 4 - SBCMuseum
Riverside - Through Nov. 5 - Riverside metropolitan Museum
Ontario- Through Nov. 5- Museum of History and Art
My first Sugar Skull

In memory of my grandfather

I was very worried the skull would not come out

My alter is coming along, I still need to add fresh marigolds, pan muerto, more sugar skulls, coffee, and white sage.

It is becoming a little more known in the states... how do I feel about it? I love it... but it is becoming commercial... example... the luminarias, wall hanging and plates on my alter are from Target. How Mexican - American of me. I had to by them, therefore supporting the mainstreaming of the symbols of Dia de los Muertos. Good move or bad move..... or just like everything else in history... progress.

Update: Target calls this new line "Day of the Dead" meets Addams family.


What has happened this month...


Went to go see a Dia de Los Muertos Exibit in Riverside With M&M

It was a small showing, however very insparational.

Outside the Mission Inn in Riverside

Went to Ikea and pick up a few things... love the new car.

Grandma Turned 80

California Palms... I liked the way they cast a shadow on the very thing that is tearing them and the orange groves around them down.

My husband and I went out for a day of shopping and stopped to get a bite to eat.

I made my first batch of cookies (not the pre done dough kind) in 7 years.

We got a new oven