I' m actually had time today. I loved it. I have not blogged in a while because I have been so damn busy. I am working my butt off, coming home and trying to be a good wife and take care of me. Last week was a huge one for me. Now I see why we don't have kids. I would not be home or energetic enough to take care of them. I'm about to hit it big with DIVA. I think we will be at the top of our game in two years. I have taken this project from the bottom to close to the top in four years. We cleaned house and relocated those who were in our way of success. Three huge contracts for our company, two with DIVA's name all over it. I see it all. I can't wait. There is only one person in our way.... sigh. In other news...

We are going to Arizona for Thanksgiving. Something new. I can't wait. Road trip! Now my husband I can join the thousands that migrate from one location to another.

In order to ready ourselves for this trip I need to learn/make pumpkin candy (Mexican style) and finish my gourd painting. YES!!! I get to be "Asusena (Susy) Homemaker".

I think I'm going to ask my husband for a "design" for my blog for Christmas. Something that reflects me. Not so standard.

Hey... what happened? Was the ball dropped? If you needed help you would of called. I will only help when asked, at least on your part. So that's it? SO much for progress.

moving on....

My husband and I went for a walk around our neighborhood with the dog. We went to get Pan Dulce so we can make hot chocolate and sit around our chiminea and Chinese food for dinner. The walk was great the food was excellent and the dog was exshausted.