Taking the 10 into Arizona through Blythe. Then to the 17 North.
Total Time: 5 hours and 23 Minutes.... so they say.

U of R

I did not get a chance to post this. We went to a Dia de los Muertos event at the University of Redlands to support a friend of ours. This was his first alter.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Phoenix

We grew these gourds a few years back. I made a bunch of these little women for my family. My Tia and Tio from Arizona saw them and wanted one. It's been over two years and I finally made them one. The picture does not do her justice. The flash washed out the details. I made this one this morning... I did not like the original one I made. I had to start fresh. My husband just smiled and went for a jog... Crazy lady with paint brushes... run!

The bags for freshly made calabaza (which I have to finish coating in sugar in next half hour) and the other is for the gourd.