Some more photos

My 30th

Started with Dinner
We had dinner at a regular little restaurant. I wanted to go someplace relaxing, not so up tight. It was fun. We made a mess... or at least I did with my spaghetti in clam sauce. Slurp Slurp

The Room was amazing

When we checked in the hotel was bustling with excitement. The hotel is covered in lights for the annual "Festival of Lights". There were hoards of people everywhere on the ground level. As we made our way up to our room it grew quieter and people were no where to be found. They have ushers manning the elevators and stairway in order to keep the public (lights) out of the guest areas.

Complete with balloons as we walked in.

The room was so tall. Flat screen TV, fireplace, BIRTHDAY BALLOONS, large windows that stretched all the way to the ceiling.

This was the Rotunda just outside our room

Across from our room was another way down. This was the "Rotunda" that lead to the banquet halls and other rooms.

Our room was the second balcony from the left.
We took a walk around the hotel at night and took this shot from the out side.