Fuzzy Tree

Our entire tree is filled up with Cat ornaments. Weird? Maybe. Scary... yes. There is even a cat under the tree in the second picture.

More words

My husband just turned in his application for a Second Masters/PHD program at UCLA. My fingers are crossed and my prayers are in overdrive. He also finished his article and will be shopping around a few publications to see who would want to publish it. He has been on edge and now that it is all over we both can breath. Now that he is going back to school so will I. I'm going back for my Masters Degree. I need some back up just in case. I love my job, don't get me wrong. I just had a "surprise" visit from one of DIVA's CEO's. She loved what I have done with the account. What my team has done with the account. Budgets, short commings of others, added accounts... yet is all done and I home before my husband.


I just got back from a walk/jog with Samba, my rottie. It felt good just to be outside. Work has been fast, packed and so ever changing. Changes for the positive... a few for the negative. My philosophy is is that all those who have done for me I will reward them in the end.

We are trying to earn this one account that will benefit everyone, however there are only two dedicated players. The sad thing is that the CEO is not one of them. He has no clue... or he does and if it all falls through... it's not on him.

*Deep Breath*

I feel better.

Last night was date night with my husband. We went to a hole in the wall place that we have been eyeing for a while. Then we went to this large outdoor swap meet. It was 8:00 pm and the place was packed. We had a great time.

This Post is For M and M

Surprise Family Party

My mom threw a surprise "Family" party for me on the 10th. It was great.
Those family members who could not attend called all night, even my curly haired girl even called.

My Birthday II

Additional pictures from my birthday weekend.
Our Room was located on the "roof" of the chapel.

Another great water feature on the "roof" of the Inn.