Yes... I'm posting on a work night. How can this be? Well we submitted the final proposals, budget and justifications today. We will find out is we get the account in about a month. I'm very excited. Of course it did not go off with out a hitch. The CEO did not give me a deadline time, my partner on the project misplaced the signatures (read; I have the signatures) and I was a calm as can be. If this account was lost it would be on them. CEO stated he had a 2:30 meeting. It was 2:00 and asked that I gather the needed materials to show the chairwoman of the board. I gathered all the above mentioned paperwork and sent him on his way. I found out his 2:30 was to due time. Now why did he not mention that to me.

Earlier in the day he stated that he and Luap worked on the final portions Friday. I stated that I know because Laup and I finished up what we could and I even took home the numbers this weekend. He was a little embarrassed. He tried to play it as if they worked so hard on it. Whatever.