December 24 ---full day

I'm writing this between Tamale batches and playing Cranium Conga.
Today we are at my mother's making tamales. It has been a full day of cooking. We all helped out at different times... spreading, placing the meat, the mole (Spanish) and wrapping it up. Today's role call... Mom, dad, brothers, husband, curly hair, and my mothers friend Barbra.

My little curly hair girl came over for a while. It was nice having her. These were her gifts from my husband and I. My husband wrapped them and even went out to purchase them. He did a great job. I was so busy this week so he had the "shopping duty" this year. She loved her gift... he has a great eye for the perfect present. She hurt her thumb the other night. Nothing serious, however she is eventually going to lose her thumb nail. She smashed it. It's already black and blue. She said it throbs a little.

I took my dog over to my parents too. She needed some play time with Russel .