Cough, Cough, drip, drip

Went to work... went to the dentist...came home...

Went to work today. The CEO screwed up. Now I have to unravel it. I went home early yesterday, had an appointment today and left early... there is a meeting we may or may not be attending on Thursday and Friday. The CEO was in charge of this meeting, It had to do with DIVA. He dropped the ball. No RSVP's, no payment, no nothing. TO top it all off, he lied to me. I asked if our sister company was notified and and if they were going to attend. He told me they had no idea about this meeting. Someone higher up the food chain dropped the ball. However, I asked the personal assistants around the office that have ties and ...well... the other company is going. Paperwork was submitted on time by their CEO. Damn it!!! Now I have 24 hours to unravel this mess. Save his ass.... or save my project.... by default, both.

Dentist... no problem. Next appointment, July.

When I got home my husband had dinner cooking. Chicken tacos, rice and beans and a salsa fresca. It was YUMMY.

We went outside, my way to unwind. played with the rotties, raked the back yard, watered and then out of no where.... honk, honk, honk. A huge flock of geese flew over head. My largest rottie started barking the little one followed and there with the sun setting, the sky turning soft hue of red and pink, my husband and I stood. We watched the geese fly towards the mountains. It was almost like he and I were the only ones around. One moment were the world stopped for us.

I love being outside. I hate being sick. We had to come back in so I could rest. Tomorrow is another day.