It's almost Friday

M just called. He's working on his latest sculpture. It sounds beautiful. I can't wait to see it in it's final stage. We are going to head out to the university to check it out this Monday.

Today was hectic. Two departments lost it today. The management is losing control of their interns and other lower level workers. This is a bad reflection on the company as a whole. Myself and the the other department heads are tired of having to "talk" to the CEO about the problems with these other departments. It feels like school all over again.

I'm still

My husband is taking me to Mexico/San Diego the weekend after Valentines. I can't wait.

Right now my husband and I are both blogging. We both are putting images that remind us of our days. We reflected on our dinner conversation and picked our images based on what we experienced today. He said this image was perfect... "Don't people remember what proper protocol looks like?"