As the sun moved across the sky...

I went shopping with my mother today.
Did yard work.
Put up a little garden house.
My husband put the four story bunny cage on casters, easier to move around.
Played with the dogs and ...

Took some pictures.... just a few.

Paper Whites-Backyard

Art Work by a friend of my fathers - Backyard


Bark Bark Bark

I fell asleep, the dogs were barking.

I woke up, the dogs were barking.

Now I'm up .... the darn dogs stopped barking.

My husband and I went out on our Friday night Date Night. We went out to eat and to do a little window shopping. Problem is that we came home with two bags of merchandise. So what was planned as see and no touch turned into see, touch, and buy. We could not pass up these wonderfully crafted tin hearts. They are going to be added to my sacred heart collection. I'll have to post some pictures.

That's another thing. I love taking photographs. Artsy photos. However lately I have no desire to take any. I'm going to make myself today. I find such joy in looking for beauty...where one might not see it. I need to walk the dogs today too.

Okay, my coffee is done... time to start my day. Coffee, a quick blog entry... this morning is off to a great start.