Did I wake up

February 11th -5:30 am

I woke up and told my husband I had a bad dream.
"Name Here" was in a accident. He was going to die, and no one was upset.
*It was my brothers nick name.

February 11th - 2:30 pm
Picked up the last of the decorations for a party that was going to be held at my parents house. Rose threw a surprise party for her husband ... I decorated.
*We did not invite M and M, I told Alfredo "We might have to leave the party early". Why...I don't know.

February 11th - 4:30 pm
Party is in full swing. The set up looks great. Her husband is shocked. The family from all sides is bonding. Food, cake, appetizers. Perfect.

February 11th - 6:30 pm
My cousin the Fireman, received a call on his cell. We had just finished cutting and serving the cake. "How is he? ..."What level is he?... Is he intubated"?
My Godfather was in a serious car accident. The hospital found the Firefighters cell phone number in his wallet.-We took off to the hospital. My husband, My Tia, and the fireman.

February 11th - 6:40 pm
As we drove into the parking lot of the hospital I realized something. My Godfathers nickname was the same as my brothers. The Dream.

February 11th - 7:00 pm
He was t-boned and hit a light pole. He was not wearing his seat belt, and hit the passenger window. We waited and called his family (he is my step-grandfather). It took three attempts to contact his family. My cousin lives with him. They have lived together since he was a little boy. My grandmother moved out to take care of her mother. When my great grandmother died, my grandmother suspected him of having an affair in her absence from home. They have been separated for years. The "affair" came out last year.
The question was were was he going so late. Late for an 85 year old man.

February 11 - 8:30-10:30pm
He at this point is in coma, had an aneurysm. They have him in surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain. My cousin signed the form.

His family showed up. Two members, no tears. Very cold towards my tia and cousin. We took off (husband and I) to get grandma and pick up my cousins car from my parents house (the party).

Picked up grandma, she was waiting on her porch. I gave her the update.

This is where all the pieces came together.

My Cousin said that he was late to the party because he was cleaning the house.
My tia said that She talked to my godfather and he wanted to bring Grandma home.
Grandma said, as we drove, that she was waiting for him. Cousin came to the party after calling grandma to see if she was staying home. Godfather was on his way to visit her, he never showed up. Then my tia called her to inform her he was in an accident. He was on his way to take her home.

We arrived at the hospital, after my mom called and said don't get the truck, go straight to the hospital. His family was fighting with mine. She needed to sign some paper work. My dad was there when we arrived. They dismissed my cousin and were very cold to him. My godfather is like his dad. Helped raise him since he was small. They told him, you can go now. They were so unruly that security was brought in. My cousin told them all to calm down and tried to be reasonable with them. Gave them a compromise that he stay with one of them. One person per family. They said no. Finally security gave them the ultimatum and it worked.

I sat in the lobby. Looking at his family. I only recognized one face. Wow. These families never melded. They have been married for over 30 years... and who are they? All the kept saying was "C" is here. "C" is here. My grandma. I found it ironic that not a single one of them was upset. I looked for at least one person. none. No tears ... just cell phone calls to their friends and laughter. I mean everyone handles emotional distress differently, but goodness, it was like they were at a party. No one was upset. They did however ask for the will and who would get his house.

My family was upset. My husband said, don't criticize them for their emotions, criticise them for their lack of understanding of the situation, process and procedures.

Mind you this is a brief picture of all that has happened.
It almost does not seem real.
A drunk diver hit him. The police are holding him.