Love is in the air...except at work

My husband ran out to get a bite to eat. We came home and decide to to valentines tonight. We ran to different rooms a quickly wrapped the gifts. We came out to trade and unwrap them. We decide to keep the gifts to $10. What a challenge. I bought him custard bowls with lids, Valentine peeps and animal cookies. We decide to keep it on a budget since we were going to Mexico this weekend. I loved my gift. A silver milagro with a hand and heart.

I sent a Valentine themed shirt to my curly haired girl. Her mom used to buy her cute holiday themed outfits. I know her dad is on a tight budget, so I have continued this practice for her. Every holiday I buy her a themed shirt. Something I know they can't splurge on every time.

Lies....are starting at work again. People talk too much... about stuff they don't know about. It makes me laugh, but it also saddens me. People are that unintelligent that jump to conclusions or are so ill informed yet speak as if they are experts. Oh well.

I said ...

I went to visit after work. He does not look like himself. He has help breathing. His heart rate is at a 114 and has a 100.6 temperature. He is still in coma. My parents were there. Waiting. I showed up. All of his family was there. My mom and dad were next in line to visit and my dad said I could go with my mom in his place. His family was nice to us. The granddaughter however... It was our turn to see him. He had just received a sponge bath and she went to check to see if we could go in. She a friend in to visit... they took a while. It was our turn. I did not say anything. It's not my place. Her dad noticed. Kept asking out loud "where is she?" My mom just said... to check if it ok for us to go in". Still I said nothing. She skipped this other lady ahead of us. Her brother then realized what she had done. He went and got her. She tried small talk as she walked us to the back... still I said nothing.

His family is upset. I needed to see that. They did yell at my grandma, my tia and cursed at them... but then again that's how they deal. I saw the pain... in some of their eyes. The two that attacked my family verbally were truly in pain... their faces reflected the emotion in their bodies.

They cried.

It was our turn to go in.

I talked to him. Not aloud. I said nothing aloud. I told him I was sorry for not being so loving when news about the affair came out. It hurt me. I told him that I would miss him. I loved him. That I was here to bring the family together...that's why he was chosen as my godfather. That if he had to go, he should. His quality of life would not be good. I told him that we would all take care of grandma.

I went back into the waiting room, paid my respects to all the elders in his family (his kids) and walked out.

I said goodbye.