Roller Coaster

This post is going to be all over the place.

I'm just going to write from point one... I woke up.

I got up around 9:00. I slept in... to much to drink .... maybe. Going to bed very late... yes. Long week...definitely.

We went to a company /Department Happy Hour. It is amazing how things have changed. People change. It was not the same. To many conversations on work. We are here to get away from work. My husband and I segregated ourselves, not by choice, rather by table set up, and had a great time with another set of colleagues. The conversations were great. A couple of people left, which created a much more social atmosphere. By the end of the night the host of the Happy Hour was giving us drinks... on the house. So two margaritas, two shots of tequila and two strawberry daiquiris, with one opps I made a lime one... here you go, later...I was in great need of water. However this was taken over 6 1/2 hours.... Happy hours...ummm... they are more then on hour for us. Overall be had a great time, we closed out the night with our colleagues and Luap and his Wife. Next time... M and M are going with us. We wanted to preview it first... since these hours were touch and go this year. I think it is something they would enjoy. So next time...

I brought home my flowers from work. My husband had them delivered on Valentines.

They are white, blush and bashful

I received a call from M... She invited us to a B-B-Que... today at 4:00ish. I can't wait to see them. I have not seen them in two weeks...

Then I received a call from my mom. They are taking him off the ventilator. Next week... his doctors are not there on weekends. So that's it. I want to cry. Deep Breath. Eyes water up a bit... then clear.

It almost seems like all the crap that has gone on at work is just that. Crap. It smells, but eventually in decomposes down and disappears. I know that's gross... but it's what came to mind.

I'm waiting for my husband to come home from his jog,, so we can go and walk the dogs.

We then are going to eat Mole. mmmmm. Homemade mole.

Now for my "this week in pictures" some of it two weeks late.