Another Thing

I know these posts are all over the place... but I'm writing them in between sets (music). I'm writing them as they come to mind... when I'm ready.

At 2:30 they took him off the ventilator. 25 people were in the room with him. They said he would die right away. He's not. Three hours later his vitals are good. I think of it as cut flowers. Hey are dormant, open, then wilt. He is open. Right now. We'll see where he is at in the morning.

His family had it out with my dad... because he was the only one there. He talked to them and pointed out that the problem between the two families was communication or the lack of. They had assumptions of my family as my family has of theirs. But he broke through. He created a line of communication. He did.


Today ... there was a scheduled Jam at my parents house. We did not cancel. My family, especially my dad needed to relax a bit. My husband jumped on the congas, when the congero got tired.

A clip will be added later


Went to a B-B -Que... M and M were hosting. It was nice to get out of the house. I have been having a rough time dealing with my emotions over his accident and soon to be death. Although he truly died last Sunday when that drunk driver hit him.
Random shots from their house.


I was not the vessel to bring two families together at baptism... the one who chose me to be that tie was actually the one that was meant to do it. My dad.