Pattern, tedious, presicion, I feel better.

Ok... I feel better now. I just took the color out the my photo and isolated a few punches of color. Ahhh...therapy... tedious work. Now to clean the house. Good night.

I miss them

I have not blogged in a while. I have been an emotional mess. I weep even as I type this in hopes to take my mind off my sadness. Our babies were stolen on the 20th of Feb. Our beloved Rotties. I have been trying to keep it all "normal" ... at home, at work, in life...

I have nothing to write about, except my pain... and even with these typed words I am slowly pushing that aside to put on a strong face and carry on like nothing is wrong.

My husband has been going above and beyond in this situation. Looking for them, putting up a "inner" fence in our yard. He is happy and I want to be too. We have each other, we planted crops today, did yard work... he's listing to Latin Jazz right now as he cleans up the kitchen. I love him for that. Our motto.... only one of us can me a mess at a time... I don't want to be a mess anymore.

I want them back. It almost seems like so long ago. Like a dream, a memory. It was almost like we did not own them. Then why does it hurt so much.

I have tried to take photographs... ugly
I have tried to paint... unmotivated
I won't even look at my scrap booking table

Yard work... that was nice. Tearful, but nice.