What to do.... what don't I do?

It's 5:30... I'm sitting on the couch and my husband is playing chords on his new bass. He decided to take up another instrument. It nice to know that we are able to afford all of these musical outlets, something he never had growing up. I'm more then happy to support this habit. He does not drink or do drugs, he plays... music. I love it. So, he looks up every once in a while and asks, "so what do you want to do tonight?". I just smile and say... um not sure. Then he plays more and I keep web surfing and typing here on my blog. It was a long day. In one sentence... Am I great, because I do everything ...very well or dumb... because I do everything? It was a long day.

He's singing now. Wow... playing and signing. Musical genius. He does have a gift.

My goals this weekend.
1. Finish one of my paintings
2. Scrapbook
3. Clean the house
4. Complete some work I brought home
5. Garden
6. get a puppy ... maybe. "I don't want one" just ran through me head. I miss our dogs.