I cleaned out my truck on Sunday. My husband went to an art opening at a museum with M, our artist friend. I was able to detail my truck. I cried. I took off the dog cover from the back seat, the doggy seat belt and wiped... I know this sounds gross, the drool smears off the windows. I know ... silly. I still cried. I miss them. Breath. Breath. God I want them back.

In other news. It was confirmed. Luap and I landed the 1.1 million dollar contract. Woot! Time to work. That contract took us 3 months to land the deal with three months of wait time to see if we were chosen.

A surprise dinner for my husband.
I got home and decided to celebrate our daylight savings with a B-B-Que dinner. I made kabobs and ribs. Yummy! We spent two hours eating and talking outside under our Orange tree. It was beautiful. A warm breeze swept through our backyard. The faint scent of orange blossoms perfumed the air around us. It was so nice to eat, talk and enjoy a quiet and simple dinner. No phone, no Internet, no interruptions. I wish life was this easy going.