Too excited, happy and overworked to make sense

Have you ever hear the saying, "I've been thrown under the bus"? Well I was. I will be under that tire in the morning.

But first.

We "rescued" a puppy today. A Queensland Heeler, blue Merle. My husband saw him at the animal shelter yesterday while checking up on a rottie we saw on their website. We wanted to see if it was ours. Well, he came across this little guy and fell in love. Zora, our 14 year old Queensland is "red" and has been a great dog. This little guy is exactly what this family needs. She misses the rotties too. We pick him up tomorrow. Microchip and all. I came home straight from work to get my husband so we could check him out. When we arrived another couple was playing with him in the "yard". My heart sank... this was the same little guy my husband told me about and that I looked at on the website. We walked around saw a great boxer and went in to inquire on him. I was put on the "list" and that couple came in with the dog. Boo. I went back out to find my husband and the Heeler was taken back to his cage. What, the couple did not take him!!! We went in to inquire on his status and they said the magic words, he's available. We played with him in the Yard, took him to the office and filled out the forms. The adoption planner was happy that we were adopting him and said she was about to call the "rescue" agency to come pick him up to see if they could place him. Now she did not have to.

Now the wheels on the bus...

Here I go... CEO plans training, all must go.

I must survey the staff on what we want the topics to be about.That's all...not present.

CEO double books an important meeting at out of town, will not be there atour meeting.

CEO puts off planing the meeting and contacting contractors to facilitate trainings.

I push CEO to hire one vendor.

He calls on a colleague to facilitate another (third part), then they back out... Wednesday.

I'm now facilitating two parts. The third part I have to put together tomorrow morning.

He even promised a Continental Breakfast.... which has yet to be purchased.

Meeting starts at 8:00 am.

...go round and round.