The hinge that holds no gate

Paint on the wood peeled, but the barbed wire is un-rusted

A real saddle and a plastic horse

Me -
  1. Hair pulled up

  2. Old sacred heart vans on

  3. Cuffed up jeans

  4. Vintage High School hoodie on

Watching a jet fly across the sky. Temporarily leaving it's mark. The white line will soon fade into the clouds and become nothing more then a smear on an artist's canvas.

While pictures post, I take time to play more with Dingo. We have been side by side all day. I took him with me to take pictures. He is so loyal. He stands by as I shoot. I take time to talk to him and pet him as we walk from place to place. He's a great dog. To bad people are not the same.

Random Shots Today

Something new

I have taken more initiative, especially with the warmer weather to blog outside. I have now dubbed the back yard table my new office.

What I see from my new office...

  1. Two wind socks representing my rotties. I wanted them as a reminder to the person that took them...they will fly until I get them back.... *sigh*

  2. Dingo sitting right behind me watching the birds prance around the patio.

  3. To my right, my shabby chic garden table.

  4. To my left, the Bunny, Orange tree, shed and Herb Garden.

  5. In front of me, our chimenea.

  6. Plus so much more.

Dingo was his Name - o

Dingo took time out to pose for this picture after playing in the sprinkler

Here he is trying his skills at fishing.

Mint in an old Lawnmower grass catcher

Our Crops are coming in.

What a water boy!