My day

I took the day off from work today. I have not had a day were it was just about me, for me.
It felt good. I'm such a work-aholic, however I forced myself to do this. My husband has been after me to do something like this and to be honest. I'm glad he did.

We went to the animal shelter to see about a boxer that we were on the list for. She turned out to be aggressive towards other dogs, she had food aggression and she was a jumper (over the fence kind.) We did not like the way she lunged at other dogs, at puppies. This would not be a good fit for our family. So we left and went to check out another shelter. That's were we found Kahva. She was perfect. Our next dog was going to be fate. We adopted her and brought her home today. She fits in like she has always been here. Our family is complete.

She is a mixed dog (mutt) and is 2 months old.

She may look sweet, but she does give Dingo a run for his money.

After a few hours she needed a nap.