Before I get off this computer

Dingo loves water. It was quite warm today and every chance he got he was in the water.

Kahva all wet and dirty. She would play in the water and then roll in the dirt. She is going to need a bath soon.

Our yard is blooming! Ever since we got our new little puppies I have been spending every moment I have outside watering, weeding and pruning. I come home form work and I'm outside. I took today ( till next Monday) off and gardened all day, played with the dogs, cleaned two rooms in the house from top to bottom and B-B-Q some Ribs. "Susy" homemaker here I come.


The word purple comes from the Middle English word purple which originates from the Latin purpura. This in turn is derived from the (Koine Greek: πορφύρα, porphura) name of the dye manufactured in Classical antiquity from the mucus-secretion of the hypobranchial gland of a marine snail known as the Murex brandaris or the spiny dye-murex.
The first recorded use of the word purpel in English was in the year AD 975.

Red was associated in Roman mythology with the god of war, Mars, and the reddish planet Mars became named after him. The phrase "red-blooded" describes someone who is audacious, robust, or virile; it is sometimes used to contrast with a cold or effete "blue blood" although the terms are unrelated in origin.


Bath time

Bottles - I don't know why I love them so much.

These flowers have survived since last spring in this pot.

Today I talked to M... she called my husband and I normal. Then I began to think ...what is normal. Is normal the norm? Is normal rare, therefore no longer being normal as in the norm rather normal as a category? With that said... I'm taking the rest of the week off. I have comp hours. That's what happens in a "project" driven world. Plus I have my trusty laptop to fill in when I need it.