Sometimes I can't breath at night. I have to get up and take deep breaths... I toss and turn. I bring this up because my husband and I attended a wedding today. We sat with friends of ours. One couple in particular are pretty close to us. My husband adores them. He is a psychologist and was talking about Panic Attacks. It describe what I feel at night sometimes. ...

New topic...

The wedding was nice, fast ceremony. I need a "little black dress", I just do. The reception was great. The food.... the best. It was a wedding for a dear co worker. We all just love her. She looked radiant.

I'm sooo tired but not ready for bed. A few more moments on the computer, then I'll go lay down. My husband is already out. We did have a filled day. Preparing for Easter, running around, we took an Easter Basket over to my curly hair girl and were told her sister was there too. Not to show favoritism I ran to the store to create another basket. They are so big. I can't wait to have my own kids. We have been talking about it a lot lately. It turns out many of our group are talking about it. We all may do it at the same time. Babies..... three years from now.....prep time.

Part of the reason we are so beat is that we did not go to bed till midnight last night after being up since 7:00 am, going non stop. My husband was recording lyrics and I was scrap booking. I won the "whole" store from Sugar Giggles and was trying it out. I love it. It may take a bit to learn how to use it, but so far it's great.

Done-----I hope this post made sense-----goodnight.