Showing My mom how to insert a photo into Blogger

  1. First you go to new post
  2. Second you title your post
  3. Third you click on the little photo next to the ABC check
  4. Fourth click on browse
  5. Click on my Pictures
  6. Click on month for photo
  7. Click on picture, then click on open
  8. "Center" "Large"
  9. "upload image"
  10. Wait......
  11. Click on Done

Back log of Photots

I made Strawberry pie for the first time

I special ordered a new pair of Vans
My father Grilled Easter Dinner...Yum. M and M came over to participate in the festivities.

My husbands Easter basket. We have no small children the family... My mom and I make Easter baskets for the men in our lives. Me, my husband. My mom, for my brothers and she makes one for my husband and I. I take over a gift for her as well.

We hid camouflaged eggs with papers indicating the prize they won. A Starbucks card, I tunes, a chocolate bunny and pocket notebooks. They guys went hunting. It was so much fun. My mother, M and I could not stop laughing.

A picture from the wedding we went to last weekend. It was a beautiful wedding. We adore the bride. She is a co-worker. The food.....mmmmmm.

Our Yard - Front and Back

I have not posted in a while. These pictures are from the last two weeks. Our garden is now in full bloom and I love it.

Front Yard

Front Yard

Front Yard

Front Yard

Back Yard -new tea light candle holders, $1 at Target.
I purchased five of them for the back yard.

Neighbors yard, I loved the way the light fell on the buildings.

I love the picture, however dislike our neighbors...

This is a 3rd of your "back back" yard. It went up in flames while we were at a event at our Alma mater. Did the neighbors tell us... no. Did they call 911 , yes. Would they answer any of our specific questions? No. Did one of the truckers drop a cigarette in the wind and it went into our yard a lit it? More then likely. Thank goodness we keep the yard within the fire code and it was quick, yet low. The grass was dry, un-condensed due to gophers eating it all, and two inches high. We had more gopher mounds back there than grass.