I want this

I want this print.


Pretty, pouty little post-punk girl in her running-mascara'd glory.Psssst! She makes a great friend for The Smiths Girl :)The images measures 6" x 8" with a white border for framing.This is an archival print on acid-free, smooth and heavy stock. They are each signed and dated by the artist, and come individually packaged in a protective, self-sealing sleeve.

Added on Apr 18, 2007

A time out

I came home today on a cloud, however that changed. I went to grab a bite to eat with my husband and grew very tired and quite. When we got home I went to lay down on the bed. He went to school and I went outside. I felt like I need to take some pictures. I felt worse. I thought to myself... this better not be a hint of "situational depression". As I took my walk I saw a white owl in the distance. I broke down.
I finished taking pictures and played with the dogs.
My mom called. I did not tell her.
So here I am. Sitting on the couch typing away.
What does it mean, not sure.