Fight Night - Blurry Pictures : (

Well, before we headed out to my parents house I chased a snake to get some shots. I know, bad decision. This was the same type of Snake that I found in the house and trapped in the bathroom. I was alone and no one else saw it. I needed a picture of it so I could ID the type. Needless to say, it was to fast. This is the best shot. :(
My husband thought I was chasing after a kitty to get a picture of. As I jumped in the car he told me he has seen that kitty around a lot. Puzzled, a kitty? He looked at me and I then said "Oh, I wasn't chasing a kitty, I was chasing a snake." First thing out of his mouth was "BABY!".

We then went to my parents to watch the fight last night. We BBQ ribs, hamburgers, I brought shrimp and artichoke dip. It was Yummy. We then settled in for the fights. The first under card was great. The second was boring and the main event, frustrating.

My dad went to go pick up my grandfather and there we were the six of us (little brother stayed in his cave) watching the fight.