This weekend has been full.

Thursday- CEO presentation to the Board, we presented. Missed cousin's graduation from HS.

Friday - Same Cousin graduated from Jr. College with her Associated Degree. Went for Pizza with the family afterwards.

Saturday - Brother's lunch for his birthday, cake afterwards at mom and dads.

Sunday - Rose's baby's first birthday. Party at a pizza parlor. Ummm the event it self, no comment. She did love the gift we gave her and it did receive many complements.

Monday - I just want to stay home.

We left the party and went to buy some plants. We spent the rest of the evening at home gardening. My mom called as asked if we wanted to come over. They were going to grill some steaks. I declined. I need to continue to unwind from the party. The party threw me in to a tizzy. I needed a timeout. Something is going on. I just don't know what. As for Sam I am... there is something there. I hope she does not get hurt. We just got in and I got straight on the computer. It's close to 10:00 pm. Wow... that was a long time out.