I called M on Thursday. I just felt the need. We talked and decided to get together for dinner on Friday. I got home and told my husband about the tentative plans. He asked if I read their e-mail. I replied "they e-mailed" what a coincidence.

We got together last night. It was great. We had a wonderful time. We laughed so much. I love that we all get along. It is so hard to find people you can socially, culturally and intellectually interact with. This is what makes them such great people and friends. It was such a disappointing week at work with colleagues this was definitely a great breath of fresh air.

We then went over to their house and played with the new addition to their family. She, at least we think it's a she, is adorable. M and I had a long talk about whats going. She does have a lot of strength. so much strength I fear see does not know when she has too much weighing her down.

On the flip side they made me a MP3 of House music.... this takes me back 15+ years. OMG. As I write this I'm listening to it.

*Huge Grin* We adore you guys!!!