My Husband Turns 31....

and my lens was dirty. My pictures came out a little blurred. My lens was smudged. Boo!
Anyways, he is 31 now. We had a small gathering for him at my parents. We ate, had cake, had coffee, it was nice.

I made mini cupcakes, that I left at home. Oh well, I guess we'll eat them.

End of May, a review

We went out on a little day excursion

and walked ...

and took pictures.

My brother turned 27 and is still working in Television
Mom made the cake... she was not happy with it because it was a little flat.
However it tasted really good.

Rose's Baby turned one, the party was at a pizza parlor.

M&M got a kitten. It was a little stray. It is so cute, and M has to make formula for it still.
...and I have apples in the front yard.