Went to work today, interviewed a new interns. I hired one. Tomorrow I will interview a few more. I want to get the paper work in and go on to the next project.

I have to take the truck in. My sunroof got stuck in the "open" position. I have an appointment on Thursday morning, because I have a 9:00am appt. on Wed.

I took my two interns out to lunch today. We went to the California Pizza Kitchen and ate on the outside patio. Yummy!

I found out that grandmas big birthday bash is Hawaiian themed. Eeek! Time to go find something to wear, for the both of us...before Saturday.

While sitting with my interns, watching people pass on the side walk I realized how lucky we are. My husband and I. I'm deeply in love with him, we have wonderful Friends and our life is going as planned. Don't get me wrong there are bumps in the road, but we roll over them and keep going. There is no more drama in our life from friends/family... we have surrounded ourselves with people that have similar views and morals. when people get "dramatic" we just excuse ourselves and let them hold their own rocks. That is a lesson I learned a few years ago. I no longer hold rocks, help move rocks, or categorize rocks. Even if it means letting go. Like I said my life is not perfect, but damn... I'm happy. I guess that's what happens with age, new outlook on life, new perspective. I say all this after my husband and I went antiquing in downtown Riverside, in a building that used to house a night club I used to party at when I was 16. Funny how life keeps going.