Lets do a week wrap up

Saturday- Went to grandma's house to celebrate her 70th birthday. It was a Hawaiian themed party. Let us just say that we did not completely follow the rules. It was great. We made our own kabobs (fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, veggie)and had Ice Cream Cake.

Sunday- Had breakfast with my parents. It's nice to have those types of mornings.

Monday- Went shopping.... I'm on vacation!

Tuesday- Finished painting the trim in the living room. (went for a walk)

Wednesday- Went to my mothers to help out. (Jogged)

Thursday- Went to my mothers to help out. (Jogged)

Friday- Went out and about with my husband. (Jogged)

Saturday- Party/BBQ. We went over to the State's house for a party. All of our co-workers were there. It was great. I helped grill with Patty while the men watched the kids in the pool. It was so much fun.

Sunday - Forgot some things at the State's, we are going to have to go and pick them up. I want to go to Lytle Creek and garden today.

Monday - (TBA) I have to go into the office.