Day two- Grand Canyon

Day two- Grand Canyon, Coming Up

It took a total of 5 hours to go 2.5 miles down and to come 2.5 miles up. Going down the trail is pie, coming up is like preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 25 people. OK, that analogy is silly, but it was difficult. The hardest part was trying to regulate my breathing. By the time I had a mile to go, I was able to regulate my heartbeat. We had to rest every time we hit some shade, for my sake. My husband had no problem with the hike. He had a great time.

The best part of the frequent rest brakes is the fact that I was able to snap some great photos.

When we did "resurface" we took a minute to celebrate in our accomplishment. We even cheered on a couple we met on the way up. Nothing like the rigor of a task to bring strangers together. As we came up we met others doing the same. We would take turns passing each others on our journey back up. Sometimes resting together in a shady spot. As we came to the top, "non" hikers were making their way down to "Photo Spots" on the trail. They only went down far enough to get the photo and run back up. We must of looked ragged to them. We had dirt all over our legs and boots, sweat on our faces and wet shirts from pouring cold water on our heads. Never the less, we wore it all like a badge of honor. They stepped aside as we made our way on our final steps. The above picture is from the rim. We decide to walk the rim after our hike into the canyon.

Day two- Grand Canyon

And we're up!!!

We woke up at 4:30 in the morning, By the time we got out on the road it was around 5:45. We went to eat breakfast at Denny's and by 6:40 we were off to the Grand Canyon. It was about a 35 minute drive. We had all our gear; backpacks filled with water/Gatorade, jerky, trail mix bars and nuts. I had a hiking pole and we had hats, handkerchiefs, hiking books and socks.... we were ready.

We started down Bright Angel Trail at 6,860 thousand feet at the start of the trail. The first step out onto this trail was scary. I'm not too fond of heights and the first bend was a little scary. As we descended into the canyon, the colors on the wall and on the trail, as well as the vegetation began to change.

Back in Time

As we made our way down we passed through Kaibab Formation which is 270 Million Years old, the Toroweap Formation which is 275 million years old, the Coconino Sandstone which is 280 million years old, the Hermit Formation which is 285 million years old and down to the Supai Group which is 275-320 million years old. We however did not make it down to the river, which would of taken us through 6 more layers and back to the Proterozoic Era,which would date it at 1700 Million Years Old.

Above Sea Level

My goal for the hike was to get to the Mile and Half Rest House that is located at 5,720 feet. My husband wanted to get to the Three Mile Rest House at 4,760 feet.We compromised on 2.5 miles. For a total of 5,240 feet above Sea Level. We had descended a little over 1,600 feet.