My boss gave me and others in my department the day off. The painters and decorator came in late and needed to get to work in our offices. So we packed up what little we had out and left. I ran a few in office errands, called my husband and went to an early lunch with him. We decided to go shopping and pick up some groceries. I bought some paint so I can finish a piece I'm working on. I also purchased a new photo album for this year. I'm 8 months behind in my scrap booking. I have photos from Jan. through April printed out. I'll catch up. We have some big accounts coming up this fall and I'll need the painting and scrap booking to de-stress.

My husband I had I came home and we took advantage of the time. He trimmed four shrubs around the house and I cleaned... I mean CLEANED out our office. 1000% better. Time well spent. As a reward we BBQ each of us a specialty hamburger and kabobs of green onion, yellow squash, Roma tomatoes from our garden and yellow bell peppers. YUMMY! We topped it off with strawberries and blue berries mixed with a little sugar on pound cake. (one burger instead of two each, veggies instead of fries, berries instead of cake/ice cream). We even were daring enough to make some drinks. Brandy and Limeade and I had a blue Margarita... so much for healthy eating....the drinks kinda countered that. Over all we had a great day. Thank goodness I was kicked out of my office. It was so worth it. I loved spending that time being productive at home and with my husband.

I have to wake up early tomorrow and take in Kahva for her spay appt., run over to get a TB test (work related), see if the my office needs to be put back together, get paperwork done, pick up the puppy, and make dinner, and then run off to UCR for a meeting about my Masters. Sigh. Things are back to normal.

Maybe I'll wait on the TB test.