I forgot to mention...

On Saturday morning I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat at my computer. My husband grabbed his cup and sat at his computer. I spun around on my office chair and looked at him. He noticed and asked what was wrong. "An interruption" i spurted out. " What" he replied. I explained that I felt that there was going to be an interruption that day. We were scheduled to have dinner at my parents house. My brothers were going to be there. The day went on, my mother and I went to shopping, I picked up some California Rolls for appetizers and we went home. Dinner rolled around and then the phone rang. My mother told me her friend Ara was stopping by for dinner.

Background information on Ara... She worked with my mom, for years and one day my mother was talking about my day and ARA asked what his name was. Like my mother, we refer to our husbands as "my husband" when we talk to others. Long story short Ara knows my dad. He used to date Ara's sister back in the day and her family knows my dad's family. There is so much to this woman, like the cult she was in, the bad divorce, the lost job, the family issues, the women that fell in love with her and stalked her. Ara deserves a blog just dedicated to her.

LOL... this post is exactly what I meant by interruption. It's all her. Dinner, we did not sit together as a family. Ara sat with my parents on one table out on the patio and we sat on another. Just thought I write about it. I'm documenting these "newsflashes".