(A flash back photo from our trip to the Grand Canyon)

Why do fiscals years begin in July. The ball starts to roll fast in August and the the whole world is at your door by September? To many questions. Maybe another Banana Rum and Strawberry/banana nectar drink is called for.

What a way to start a post .... too many questions and alcohol.

Work... I don't know where to start. New hires? New Accounts? Budgets? Inter office battles?
All I know is that I'm taking DIVA to the top. We are almost there... I can taste it. I'm willing to work with everyone. I'm willing to share the light to get the department ahead. It is my department after all. I started today thinking "Positive... positive". We made a pact in Atlanta. stay positive. One thing... three of the five new hires are Latinos. All three speak a lot or at least some Spanish. This will help with our new target population. At least now, when the "Latino" prospective is needed all eyes won't be on me. "We" will be the eyes looking at everyone else.

My mind just went blank... so enough about work.

Yesterday my mom came by for lunch and informed me that the man who crashed into and killed my step grandpa had his second hearing in court.

The night before my husband and I took our dogs out for a moonlit walk. When then came home and played Uno. He won... 5 times!!! Oh well, I'm still the scrabble champ. I had to unwind from work.

Good news... my tia is not expecting another baby. Another family member is.

The break down with out divulging to much;
1. The baby's mother is clinically depressed
2. They have only known each other for three months
3. They are two months pregnant
4. My Tia knows nothing of the family neither does her kid because they have only been together 3 months.
5. My brother who works as a producer for Court TV, was able to pull info about the family so at least we know something.