( not my photo)

M does finish things.
*a little inside Joke with M&M*


I hated that fact that I have not taken photos in a long time.

So, I grabbed my camera and went outside.

While doing so, my husband deiced he was going to be adventurous and made "Irish" oatmeal cookies. With nuts and chocolate chips. What makes them Irish? They are from "100% Irish Oats", or at least that is what the box said.

It sprinkled for 3 minutes. Rain.... at least as close as we get to it in southern Cali.
Here are some vintage plates hanging outside my husbands music studio.

Today I mowed the lawn, made chicken and bean burritos, we used tomatoes from our garden, watered, and shopped for groceries and am about to go back outside. Life is nice.

What a week

New contracts are in full speed. No one is on vacation. New hires are ready to go.

We had meetings on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. Of course the number of meetings one had to attend depended on who you were and your job title. I had to go to all three. The Friday meeting was the most interesting. It was long. It was with an outside consultant. It was with my colleague and the CEO as well. The CEO, in the 4 hour negotiation/presentation continually kept tossing out analogy after analogy for every point the consultant was trying to make. Ones that myself and my colleague have heard over and over again. So many times we actually finished some of his sentences under our breath. The best was at the end. The meeting was over and I had to get to some clients and missed the best part. The consultant asked for an update on the contract we have with them. They have contracts with multiple sister sites of ours and yet did not have our contract on file. Her firm has already come out to train different departments at our site and she too has come out to meet with us, e-mail and trading phone call with my colleague and yet where is the contract.
He called the powers that be and put them on speaker phone. The voice on the other line basically stated.... 1) the paper work was never put to the board (CEO dropped the ball) 2) that means the consultant is working for free.... 3) and she (voice on phone) does not like the consultant's firm and started to name specific people. The consultant heard all of this as well as my colleague. In the end, my boss fixed the whole paperwork mess, admitted he dropped the ball and the board should approve it early September. One week before our next scheduled training with this firm.