He's playing his bass guitar as I write

Petite Roses from Central America

The Cake

The seafood from our favorite restaurant

It's Thursday night and I have not blogged all week. Work has been crazy. I try to leave it all at work, but it has been slipping into my bag. My husband and I went out to eat yesterday and went for a long walk in the evening. I ran to the store on the way home and cooked tacos. I try to be calm and collected when I come home. Sometimes it's hard. I'm really good at leaving everything at the door. I think my circles of friends at work have been so busy that we don't even have the time to decompress with one another. So here I am driving with the "work day" sitting next to me ready to go home with me too. She is going to be left at the door tomorrow. One thing... it never comes home with me on Fridays... even if I have to toss her out the window.

I think the week has been hard because we have been working between sites and traveling. It Last Friday was the start of our 100+ degree weather. It finally broke yesterday. I mean when it's 92 degrees outside at 11:30 pm, you know it's hot.

Friday, He sent 50 roses to my office, brat, I had no idea he was going to do this... little did he know I picked up a cake that morning. I sent it to the "place" with my secretary. I went home ( to a powerless home) and got ready as best as I could... minus power in 100+ degrees. We got to the "place" and many of our friends were already there. We drank and ate. It was a huge private party. Then our song came on... he looked at me as if "wow our song, what a coincidence". I then the cake came out and he realized I have some tricks too. The whole group was there. We had so much fun.... we lead a couples dance and one of our dear friends ran up with flowers and handed them to me while we swayed in each others arms.

Saturday, We had our party. It was great. Family and friends came. We picked up the food and cake and went over to my parents. It was re-memorable.

Sunday, we went out for brunch, just he and I.

Monday, SHOPPING! and we BBQ.

Back to the present... We were looking at our demographics and data and now have proof that we are no servicing the Latino population like we should be. We need to branch out and it's in our plans, but now we have the proof to make it happen. The plans are falling into place.... YES!